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Speedcalls allows you to use your broadband Internet connection to make phone calls. You can call other Speedcalls members for free and anyone else who has a regular telephone number - including long distance, mobile, and international numbers. In order to support users from across the world this services allow you to use most IP phones, PDAs, Wifi IP phones and phone adaptors.

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    Sarah McDowell 3 years ago
    Pros: Fast and Efficent

    I work within a business where click to call software is a must. We have a large list of clients and it makes it so much easier being able to click 2 call as it makes the job less hassle.

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    Guest 5 years ago

    hey wizard101 u are the best, i would love it if u made a rule anyone who is level 24 and plus
    is allowed to go everywhere in the game except from this it would be so

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    John 6 years ago

    Brilliant programme. Makes it easy to collect & store (+ duplicate) all the items in Titan Quest. A must have for TQ fans.

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